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July 28: Jim Gelcer Trio @ The Rex

Screen shot 2015-07-27 at 7.48.15 PMOn July 21, I went to The Rex and met up with drummer Jim Gelcer and asked him why he calls his band a jazz trio, when there are 4 of them. He explained that all of July at The Rex, he’s hosted a different “special guest” saxophone player for 3 performances and on July 28, he will have all 3 back to The Rex for a special show.

Jim told me he’s played all over the world and toured with some great musicians. I asked him if he wanted to drop a name, and I was surprised when he said “Lee Aaron”. He asked me if I knew of her. I told him I know Lee Aaron is singing jazz now and I remember her from her rocker chick days. He said he played with her 30 years ago when she was a rocker chick, and he didn’t play drums, he played keyboard. He did it for the money.

Jim and his “trio” are a lot of fun, and if you like saxophone, you’ll find the show July 28 a real treat.

You’ll also find The Rex’s “Jazzy Fingers” a treat. Compliments to the chef!

Website: http://gelcer.com/

July 28: Ewen Fancombe-Piano Marc Rogers-Bass Jim Gelcer-Drums

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