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Show Details:
 Date: Monday, June 29
 Venue: Smiling Buddha, 961 College st , Toronto
 Cost: $10
 Doors: 7pm
 Age Limit: All Ages/19+
 Event Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/369583003233440/
 Slumlord (Edmonton, AB)
 Fall City Fall (Calgary, AB)
 Masakura (Mississauga,ON)
 Speaker (Toronto,ON)
 Out of My League (Bowmanville,ON)

Calgary’s FALL CITY FALL is performing in Toronto at The Smiling Buddha  on June 29th  as part of their cross-Canada No Parents, No Rules Tour from BC to Quebec. I checked this out-of-town band out online and I discovered they’ve created a trilogy of videos from their album “Victus” (2013), which is much in the spirit of that released by M83 in their connected trilogy of epic mini-movies. Each video in the Victus trilogy captures imagery from some of Netflix’s better shows like Dexter and The Walking Dead. The lead singer sounds a lot like Offspring’s Dexter Holland, when he’s not doing screamo. Their music is a little chaotic. Some hints of rockabilly mixed with hardcore…and then there’s that voice that reminds me of Offspring. It’s an interesting mix.

While I was checking out the lineup of the show, I took a look at OUT OF MY LEAGUE (Bowmanville, ON). They have a video for their song “Six Feet Under” that I just love! In fact, I listened to it over and over and the best part comes at the very end. It makes me laugh every time. I asked them on Facebook to give me the lyrics so I could screamo along, but they didn’t respond. I guess they’re too busy rehearsing for the upcoming show to talk to fans on FB. I recommend the video! As another blogger once put it “tapping into our crazy and embracing the silly is just downright necessary and I support that!”

FALL CITY FALL https://www.facebook.com/fallcityfall
Keenan Pylychaty – Vocals
Jordon Storey – Guitar
Nathan Pope – Drums
Andre Urquidi – Bass

OUT OF MY LEAGUE https://www.facebook.com/OutOfMyLeagueBand
Dom Paron (Vocals)
Taylor Comeau (Guitar,Backup Vocals)
Ali Bayat (Bass, Backup Vocals)
Steven Simpson (Lead Guitar)
Anthony Rizzuto (Drums)

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