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ALBUM REVIEW: Canadian Metallers ODIUM

ODIUM Photo courtesy of AsherMediaRelations.com
ODIUM Photo courtesy of AsherMediaRelations.com

I can’t help it, death metal is always my favourite. I get excited when I get introduced to a death metal band and I play one of their songs for the first time. So much energy. So much drama.

Hanover, ON based Canadian melodic metallers ODIUM are performing at the Rockpile West in the November 21st ‘Pitfest’ in support of their album Terrarform (I enjoyed “The Cell”) released on October 23rd.

One online biography for the band said “The lyrics invite listeners to take a journey through despair”. I can’t hear their lyrics. I don’t care, I love the sound. They are full of energy, but they’re “melodic” so they play pretty and bring it to a nice climax. They don’t take me on a journey of despair, they get me excited and I feed off their energy.

SAT NOVEMBER 21, 2015 – 7pm
Toronto, Canada, 2015
Rockpile West
5555 Dundas St. West
Toronto, Canada
with My Dear Malice, Adrian Pain & The Dead Sexy, Crimson Breed, Dawn Vally, Hey Clown

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