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STEVEN ADLER’S TRIP TO TORONTO (everyone loves the drummer)

Jacqueline Lovey Perras can be very persuasive. She sent me an invite through Facebook, sent me an inbox message and even, somehow, got her drummer/boyfriend Serge Wisotzky to roll over an ATV and land in hospital with stitches and minor fractures, so that her fans could all follow the adventure online. (Kidding! I hope you’re doing okay, Serge.) Jacqueline was very excited about opening for Steven Adler and his band Friday night at The Rockpile West. She knows how to draw a crowd to her shows and she knows how to be heard. She got the message out loud “Steve Adler, everyone!”. The call out was clear, I needed to attend the show.



When I first arrived at The Rockpile, I came in just as the first band, SISSY SPACESHIP was finishing their set. Besides the pink-haired girl, Janine Taylor, centre stage rocking out with a surprisingly big voice for such a petite girl, just behind her was the cutest blonde female drummer! Lexeverything was so pretty I was mezmerized and she played drums with a huge smile on her face, which made me involuntarily smile as I watched her. I love when I see a female drummer. Toronto has a few good ones (i.e. Lindsay Bird of DIRTY JEANS, Renee Couture of THE STANDSTILLS). Now I’ve seen one more. Because I came in at the end of their set, I’m going to have to check them out at their September 5 gig.

SISSY SPACESHIP (Toronto): Janine Elizabeth Taylor (Vocals), Joey Clement (Lead Guitar), Justin Mervyn (Bass), Duncan Brown (Guitar), Lexeverything (Drums) – next gig: Sept 5, The Rockpile West


Next up was THREE QUARTER STONE. Their drummer Ev Locke is one of my personal favourites. He’s fun to watch. Always looks like he’s having the time of his life behind the kit. Blonde hair flying, sticks twirling, big huge grin on his face. His enthusiasm is contagious. I haven’t seen THREE QUARTER STONE for years and it was nice to see them again.

THREE QUARTER STONE (Guelph): Danny Wray (Vocals), Chris Drone (Guitar), Scott Clarke (Bass), Brian Musgrave (Guitar), Ev Locke (Drums)

Serge Wisotzky


The band I came for, ARON CROSS, were the next set. The thing I love about this band is they are so theatrical. Jacqueline Lovely has major pipes and starts the show by grabbing the mic and yelling out to stir up the crowd. The crowd returns with a cheer. She’s always dressed in her long blonde rocker-chick hair with flowing middle-ages style dresses. Her band looks like a travelling troupe of gypsies who just climbed out of their wagon to entertain us. On stage they perform like they’re in a Shakespeare play. Jacqueline even pulls out a large cross that she chains herself to while singing her original “Unchained”. Serge had a sore arm from his ATV accident, but he was drumming like a trooper, grimacing a little, but didn’t miss a beat.

ARON CROSS (Barrie): Jacqueline Lovely (Vocal), Serge Wisotzky (Drums), Jeremy Parker, Jon O’Connor, Martina Fasano, and Roxy Luciani

Serge Wisotzky with Steven Adler


When the ARON CROSS set was over, a dramatic curtain was hung over The Rockpile stage and the crowd waited anxiously. Then AC/DC played full blast over the speakers with the crowd singing along enthusiastically before the curtain was dropped and ADLER appeared.

Steven Adler was the drummer and co-songwriter of GUNS N’ ROSES from 1985-1990 (It’s So Easy, Welcome to the Jungle, Sweet Child o’ Mine, Paradise City, Patience, Nightrain). His current band ADLER was formed in 2011.

Steven Adler was at the drums all smiles. He was smiling and having a good time through the whole set. His front man Jacob Bunton impressed me with his rendition of Mr. Brownstone. He nailed it. He was charming to watch. Tons of personality and totally adorable from his black rimmed eyes all the way to his black nails. They’re a good looking rock band and give a great show. Adler’s sense of swing is what makes it fun party music. The crowd was rocking out and having a great time.

ADLER (California): Steve Adler (Drums), Jacob Bunton (Lead Vocals/Guitar), Lonny Paul (Guitar), Johnny Martin (Bass)

I was wishing I’d brought my camera. I forgot to pack it in the morning and only had my cell phone to take pictures with. All the drummers were blonde (and so metal hair!) and it would have been a fun collection of pictures to capture them all properly, or maybe even get the drummers to pose together. Missed the chance. There was no shortage of cameras at the gig though. Everyone is a digital photographer today. There will be lots of lovely pictures available online. The crowd loved all of them.

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