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“It is with great pride and sorrow that I announce the legendary Brunswick House will be closing on March 31 after 140 years of memory making history.”

Toronto’s oldest pub the ‘Brunswick House’, or the Brunny as it is affectionately known, officially announced they are closing their doors due to the termination of their lease, and are planning a “Last Dance” tomorrow. There is no official news on plans for the building.

Located at the corner of Bloor Street and Brunswick Avenue in Toronto, the Brunny was established in 1876 as a neighborhood bar for working class immigrants, and later for the students of University of Toronto. The better known Blues venue, Albert’s Hall, operated upstairs above the Brunny for many years. It was considered the more respectable room. People have called the Brunny a “rat infested student lounge” (although I think the reference to rats was a reference to the students as opposed to actual rodents). The Brunswick House calls itself “Night Club/Dive Bar”.

It was refurbished in 2004 by new owners, and became known for their all-you-can-eat gravy bar. Celebrities such as Fan 590’s Sid Seixeiro and Ryan Hains of The Sportsnet Television Network were regulars. Seixeiro’s influence has brought 16 types of poutine to the menu & a late-night sampler called the Rob Ford “Crack of Dawn Munchy Madness.”

“Thank you for the memories and thank you for teaching me the bigger the fight, the bigger the reward and growth.”

Social media has been teeming with sorrow since the announcement was made that the Brunny would be closing it’s doors. Customers shared their memories and gratitude on The Brunswick House Facebook page . The hashtag of #savethebrunny appeared in Twitter and The Brunswick house is using the hashtag #OneLastDance to communicate about the last event on Thursday March 31, 2016.

“There will never be another Brunny.”

Tickets and information for #OneLastDance: www.Wantickets.com/TheLastDance

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