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I’d like to start this review by thanking Toronto, ON’s BLACK ABSINTHE for sharing their new music from their album ‘Early Signs of Denial’ set for release on May 13th, 2016. I really enjoy getting previews of the new music coming out of Toronto.

A song from the heavy metal 6 track EP that has been released is “The Wild”. This song has tons of energy and you’ll hear the band’s classic rock influences all over it.

“Imagine Motörhead with a dose of double pedal bass drumming, and you’ve got Black Absinthe.”

Listening to this band was a nice trip down memory lane. They say their music is for fans of BLACK SABBATH, MOTORHEAD, MASTODON, HIGH ON FIRE, COHEED AND CAMBRIA. I think I even hear a bit of YES in there (track called ‘Now’).

To the band members Jack Cerre (Vocals & Guitar), Kyle Scarlett (bass), and Austin Henderson (drums), congratulations boys, you nailed it. Also, congratulations to producer, Dave Baksh and mixer, Frank Gryner, you nailed it too. The work is very professional and quality. Not a note out of place. Layer upon layer mixed just right. I wouldn’t be surprised if the musicians are classically trained.

Now go away you bore me.

They obviously took great care with the lyrics in their songs. Their EPK says “Once the songs on this album were finished we were looking for a title that felt in tune with the songs as a whole. We consulted a St.John’s Ambulance First Aid Reference Guide for possible names. Beating out contenders like ‘Penetrating Chest Wound,’ ‘Bites From Ticks,’ or ‘Putting on Dressings,’ we decided on Early Signs Of Denial. It captures the pessimistic nature of a lot of the lyrics and we think suits it sonically too. It’s a metal record, Early Signs of Denial seemed like it should be the name of a metal album! “

Great sense of humour.
Now go away you bore me.

“Sometimes you have to play a long time to be able to play like yourself.” Miles Davis

You see, the thing about MOTORHEAD, ROB ZOMBIE, BLACK SABBATH, etc, is they were original when they came around. Bands like YES were called Progressive, back when they were progressive. The reason people have been crying in their drinks over the death of Lemmy, Bowie, Prince, is because those people had a unique quality that had never been experienced before. They stood out from the crowd.

They found their voice.

I’m happy to have been introduced to BLACK ABSINTHE. I love to discover the talent in Toronto. However, the problem with a band and studio full of very skilled and talented people is they try too hard to do it right. It’s one thing to be a team, but be a team of unique individuals and let your light shine. Stop trying to be like the classics. Be the future. We’re waiting for you.

We’re so bored. Please show us a new scene. Please find your voice.

The band is hosting their Toronto CD release show on May 14th at Coalition (282 Augusta) w/ support form Montreal’s MUTANK (Wacken Metal Battle Canada 2014 Champions) and locals Sludgehammer, Klaymore and Astaroth. That’s a great line-up. Expect a quality night. Event info here.

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