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Toronto Still Paying Tribute To DAVID BOWIE

On January 12, one day after news broke that DAVID BOWIE passed away, the band HOLY HOLY stopped into Toronto’s The Opera House on their “Man Who Sold The World” tour. They added a second date at the Opera House after the first date sold out. The cover band features men who’ve worked with Bowie, Tony Visconti and Woody Woodmansy. HOLY HOLY has been referred to as “perhaps the world’s most over-qualified Bowie tribute band”. Many other Bowie tributes took place across Toronto, but there are a few notable indie performances that didn’t get much attention, and i’d like to mention them here.

JayI encourage you first to get out Sunday night to Supermarket Restaurant and Bar to see JAY EDWARDS, a singer/songwriter I’ve written about before. Jay is one of the golden nuggets in the city of Toronto that is not getting a lot of recognition, but definitely must be experienced. Jay has had 28 operations on his skull and you don’t expect much from his small obviously disabled body. When he opens his mouth, a completely different man appears. It’s not something easily described. It needs to be experienced. A documentary film about Jay “Present to Love” will soon be released, as well as some newly recorded songs.

Sunday, January 17
Jay Edwards
Supermarket Restaurant and Bar
268 Augusta Ave, Toronto
set starts at 7pm

Another regular favourite in Kensington Market are the SIN CITY BOYS. They play regularly at Graffiti’s Bar and Grill and performed a David Bowie tribute Saturday.

Saturday, January 16
Graffiti’s Bar and Grill
170 Baldwin St, Toronto

Finally, Toronto’s own famous DJ, SKRATCH BASTID, performs a tribute on Youtube that you can watch whenever you like!

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