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What i’m not doing

I’m not here to review bands or CD’s or shows. I’m not here to justify any musician’s existence.

What i am doingangela-r-campbell

I am exploring Toronto’s music scene. I’m having so much fun doing that, i HAVE to share my findings with you. I’ll let you know what’s coming up and i’ll show you who i’ve met and what i’ve learned about them.

Be Featured On Ohjusteatit.ca

To be featured on Ohjusteatit.ca, just send an email to Angela at ohjusteatit@gmail.com. The only criteria is that you’re a musician/band from Southern Ontario and you are gigging in Toronto.

I don’t review CD’s, but I’ll feature your free downloads on our Free Stuff page.

Tell me when and where you’re gigging in Toronto and I’ll try to come out to see you and take some still shots of the band.

Join us on Twitter @ohjusteatit and I will retweet your tweets.

Send me a small ladies t-shirt and I’ll wear it around town when I go out and I’ll show it on the blog with links to your merch store.

I’m open to any suggestions, so let me know if you see new ways for me to get the word out there about you. Check the Bands page too and make sure you’re listed. You don’t need to be gigging to be listed there.

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