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Angela R. Campbell, Music Blogger
Current locations: Winnipeg, MB and Toronto, ON

OhJustEatIt! is a music blog hungry for Canadian Indie Music. We mention, preview, interview, airplay, and review Canadian Indie Music. We will also work with musicians on their branding by providing photography, EPK, website, social media and public relations. We network with anyone who is promoting and supporting the Canadian Indie Music scene.

In 2011, I started to record my journey as I explored the Canadian Indie Music Scene.

In 2011, I started to record my journey as I explored the Canadian Indie Music Scene. Through the years, I have met many fascinating people, enjoyed incredible venues, and had the pleasure of participating in many music events in both Toronto and Winnipeg. I am able to cover Indie artists from across Canada as I can research them online and experience them as they tour through my city, or I tour through their city.

My goal is to introduce people to artists they may otherwise not experience; encourage good musicians to do what they do; and be a supportive fan and member of the Canadian music scene. As a music fan, I want to enjoy an artists’ personality and the legend of their journey. That story is almost as important as the music itself as it encompasses the history of music and culture in Canada.

I regularly meet people who are happy to support what I do and contribute to the blog. It makes me very happy and proud to have their encouragement.

Stewart Boughen, Photographer, Picture Perfect Photography
Suite 520. 70 Arthur Street, Winnipeg, MB
(204) 485-3185
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Picture-Perfect-Photography

Featured in many OhJustEatIt.ca articles is photography from Picture Perfect Photography’s Stewart Boughen. Boughen attends many indie music shows in and around Winnipeg, Manitoba, and is known for his subtle presence as he captures the essence of each performer.

Picture Perfect Photography is located in Winnipeg’s Exchange District, a National Historic Site. The studio is located in the beautiful R.J. Whitla & Company Building, built in 1899, and declared by the City of Winnipeg as a historic building. You can book photography sessions at this beautiful studio, or invite Boughen out to the site of your choice.

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