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ALBUM REVIEW – Melissa Plett ‘Ghost Town’

Melissa Plett – Ghost Town (2017)

Angela R Campbell found 2 songs on Melissa Plett’s album that she liked

Melissa Plett, originally from Manitoba, will be joining us this week in time for Christmas at Sunday Church for Bad Guys at The Pyramid Cabaret, Sunday, December 23rd at 2:00 p.m.

Plett has released an album called Ghost Town. Rather than try to find out about this country singer and wax poetic about her journey, I’ve decided to just listen to her album and give an honest review. If the music can stand on it’s own, we don’t need the life story of the songwriter.

Plett recorded the album in Nashville, but recording an album in Nashville does not automatically make you a country music star. It doesn’t automatically make you good. In 2006, Plett released an EP called Repeated Stories. In 2010, she released Outside the City. Seven years later she delivered Ghost Town and has been touring North America extensively since it’s release. Her tour is booked well into 2019. You have to have respect for a musician who works that hard. She obviously believes in her music.

As expected, Plett’s vocal twang and the background steel guitar give her music the required country flare. She tends to keep to the traditional style of classic country in the album Ghost Town, which leads me to view her as a conformist. I didn’t hear anything that sounded original. Some people would congratulate her for getting back to the roots of country, but I always look for originality.

The title track “Ghost Town” is not a good song, in my opinion. I can see why the ballad is a good idea for her audience. There are many people in small town America and Canada who can relate to this song if they live in a company town. As relatable as the story may be, the lyrics are not interesting, Plett’s vocals sound strained and nasally in places (I cringed), and there is nothing clever or interesting in the music.

Most of the songs on the album; Stay, Handle of Whiskey, Mexico, Trigger, and Gone, got a thumbs down from me. I do like Plett’s low key voice, but she doesn’t have a lot of range, and sometimes tries to reach too far. Her band plays country, and that’s all I can say about the music.


  1. Stay

  2. Handle of Whiskey

  3. Ghost Town (Listen to the single)

  4. Mexico

  5. Sideways

  6. Sunshine and Liquor

  7. Trigger

  8. Gone

There is one song on the album that stands above all the others. In Sideways, Plett’s voice is relaxed and the music smooth and upbeat. The song is about a woman who is tempted to cheat. It’s very generic country, but done well. I think it’s well written both lyrically and musically. I could see fans wanting to cover this song. I recommend to her that she publish the chords and lyrics online so they can.

Sunshine and Liquor was also a decent song with a nice catchy chorus “Oh ho forgive my soul / oh ho don’t want to hurt no more / whoa ho take this sin from me / whoa ho set me free”. She sings it nicely and the song would be fun to dance and sing along to.

I’ve heard Melissa Plett gives a good live performance. She’s an attractive blonde and has some heavy touring under her belt. I’m looking forward to seeing her perform on Sunday.

To purchase Melissa Plett – Ghost Town, visit her website: https://melissaplett.com/music/ghost-town/


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