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Burning The Day – What’s in a Name?

Update: Burning The Day won the semi-final Wacken Metal Battle Canada and are headed to the finals! Out of hundreds of metal bands from all across Canada, they are now down to the top 5 in which there will be only one band to rule them all and earn the spot to play the 25th Anniversary of Wacken Open Air!

Burning The Day

Burning The Day call themselves “Metal” on their Facebook page. I call them Melodic Hardcore Metal. I don’t think they’re simply metal enough to get radio play, but they’re friendly enough on the ear to get a movie soundtrack. Car chase scene, plane crash, murder scene…you know.

I became familiar with the band in 2011 and I’ve noticed they’ve been very active on the Toronto scene. They do a good job with social media – where I like to hang out.

Whenever I see a post in Facebook or Twitter from Burning The Day, it catches my eye. The name stands out. Lately I’ve been following the Wacken Metal Battle, and the name Burning The Day has been standing out for me. I started to wonder why?

When a band chooses a name, they are creating a brand. I’ve never spoken to a band who didn’t struggle over their name. Some consider it like naming a baby. They are creating an identity they will have to live with forever. They have a creation that they will love and nurture into maturity and they want a name to reflect the grown mature band they want to become.

When creating a brand, you have to understand your audience. Males and females respond to names differently. Names conjure images. Images are subjective. Musicians are in the business of drawing pictures with words and music.

When you change the band’s name, as many do, you change how people perceive it. This creates a sort of linguistic Heinsenberg principle. Does the name Heinsenberg ring a bell? That’s the alias name the main character in the TV series Breaking Bad used. See how hearing the name took you somewhere? Did it make you wonder what Heinsenberg was, or did it remind you of Breaking Bad?

Burning The Day may not be the most creative band name ever. Regarding SEO, a search actually pulls up “Burning The Days”, a book by James Salter, or a title of an album by Verticle Horizon. The name may not even appeal to a larger audience. Does it make you want to know more about the band? For some reason it appeals to me. It conjures up an image of youth and fun. I have no idea why and this affect is probably only my viewpoint and no one else’s.

The band says the name came from Carpe Diem, Seize the day. Matt Metcalfe said “We are a really hard working band and take advantage of each day and get things done and thought Burning The Day fit well!” How positive is that? No wonder it catches my eye.

Burning The Day is competing against some pretty good Toronto bands at the WOA Toronto Semi-Final, on Sat, May 3 @ Rivoli, 334 Queen St W, 10PM. Apparently, they love competition. In 2012, they won Indie Week Canada beating 300 bands through live competition, and went on to a 3 month European tour for the summer.

Here’s the lead singer, CESAR SILVA’s, favourite tune (I asked).
With Change Comes Hope:

It’s been almost a decade, the band has had member changes, but they’ve kept their name. Perhaps with change comes hope, but I don’t want them to change their name. I hope they seize the day on Saturday. I’ll be there to check them out!

Sat, May 3 @ Rivoli, 334 Queen St W. – Event Details
Shattered Remains (12:15am)
Our Covenant (11:30pm)
Endemise (10:45pm)
Burning The Day (10:00pm)
The Blackcloud Syndicate (9:15pm)

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