Checking out STEP ECHO

Yesterday I spent the morning checking out St. Catharines’ rock band Step Echo. I watched some Youtube videos and did some Googling. I commented on their Facebook page and they got back to me right away.

Step Echo is happy to do covers of your favourite radio music – Brian Adams, Payolas, Rage Against the Machine, Foo Fighters, Rod Stewart, RHCP – but they have original music. They’ve released a new CD called “Jagged” produced by Corey McFayden (the nephew of Jack Douglas (AEROSMITH) and son of famous Canadian producer Lachlan McFayden (HARLEQUIN)).

Jagged has been nominated for NMA`s (Niagara Music Awards) song of the year. The band has also been recognized recently as Indie Band of the Year by internet radio They’re in a contest with EMI for a record deal at Good luck to them.

The band is scheduled with Q107 to do an acoustic version of “Eyes and Pieces of Me” for Indie Invasion at the end of the month. They are playing in March for CMW at the Hard Rock. I plan to catch them there.


Here’s a video from Step Echo’s appearance on Q107.