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Discovering MITTENZ At C’est What

On Thursday we headed over to C’est What on Front Street to hear Mittenz. This cute all chick band plays garage pop with Emily Bones and Mary Deth singing and playing guitar in a pleasant, easy to listen to pop, while accompanied by punk drummer Lindsay Bird. It’s a unique sound. The girls are cute, costumed and animated on stage. They’re fun to watch. They are Mittenz and they call their fans kittenz.

I spoke with the girls after the show and they told me they are working on a 6 track EP that they expect to release in the spring. They have applied to perform at the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival in August. The lineup for that show won’t be announced until the spring. They’re hoping to set up a tour once their EP is released.

You can find Mittenz anywhere online. They’re at themittenz.com and on social networking sites Facebook, Tumblr, Myspace, Youtube, Twitter and Reverbnation.

See pictures of Mittenz at the C’est What show at Angela’s Pics.

Toronto band Mittenz is:
**Lead Vocals/Guitar: Emily Bones**
**Vocals/Guitar: Mary Deth**
**Drums: Lindsay Bird**

Contact Mittenz at:

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