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Well folks, 2011 is coming to a close and i decided to write a blog entry. I don’t usually like to write. I’m pretty critical of my writing skills…actually other people are critical of my writing skills…so i’m shy about it. I decided however, that i need to just barf it on the page and be done with it. So here’s my thoughts.

I started this blog at the beginning of the summer to share my experiences with exploring the indie music scene in Toronto. I call myself the cheerleader…promoting bands without being a real paid promoter. I cover any Southern Ontario band/musician who gets a gig in a Toronto venue or music event. I will even cover a busker if it’s cool enough. It just needs to be in a Toronto setting. I take still shots and post them on Flickr. I’m not very good…but once in a while i grab the money shot and gawd that feels good! Sometimes I take some video. I need to do more of that. The original intention for the site was for it to be a vlog.

The blog has been hacked a couple of times (dammit!) and rather than restoring the same site, i’ve decided to take the opportunity to change it each time. I like what i have up now. My friend Jason Bunston of Elite Conceptual Consulting took a look at the blog and made it a little more secure for me this time around. Jason’s a genius with WordPress. His team customized the websites for Toronto artist Joel Richardson (recently in the news because the city paid him to paint a mural and then they erased it) and Toronto entertainment personality Rosey Edeh (ET Canada).

The objective moving forward will be to let you meet the bands i’m meeting. I’m going to try to find fun and interesting ways to introduce them to you. I’m also finding people who are doing cool things like operating recording studios, making custom drum kits, designing album covers, etc. I’d like to share information on those people too. While i’m at it, i’m hoping you’ll get to know me.

I don’t get paid for this stuff, so sometimes there’s a lag in the time between posts. My new year’s resolution is to be more consistent with the timing of the content. You can help me keep up with the calendar by letting me know about the gigs your band or your favourite band has booked in the city.

Tonight, I will be at The Bovine Sex Club to bring in the New Year with Die Mannequin and Dearly Beloved.

I wish you all a safe and happy New Year!
(cue the music)

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