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HELIX – The Original Indie Rock Band

Brent Doerner - HELIX
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 Brian Vollmer - Lead Vocals
 Kaleb Duck - Guitar
 Fritz Hinz - Drums
 Daryl Gray - Bass
 Brent Doerner- Lead Guitar

I should have written about Ontario’s HELIX sooner. They are THE original indie rock band, paying to record and produce their own album back in the 70’s. They’ve returned to being Indie and they’ve also returned to almost their original lineup of musicians after years of changing band members over and over.

I never fully appreciated HELIX until I saw them at The Rockpile Friday night. I liked their music, but I had never seen them live before and they give a terrific show. Every one of them are showman. The music was professional. They played a really long set and got called back to stage for an encore and never lost their energy. I never knew they performed like that, but apparently, it’s what they’re known for. I couldn’t help but have fun and get right into it.

“Of their 10 studio albums, Helix has been awarded 4 Gold and 2 Platinum Albums.” ~ PlanetHelix.com

HELIX was a household name again in 2003 when during the third-season episode of the Trailer Park Boys, Bubbles and Ricky discussed the merits of HELIX compared to RUSH. The boys mentioned HELIX again throughout the season. Vollmer also filmed a cameo during that season which was included as a DVD deleted scene.

In 2004, HELIX celebrated their 30th anniversary. Two DVDs came out of that – “the 30th Anniversary Concert” and the documentary “30 Years Of Helix: No Rest For The Wicked”.

Brian Vollmer, the lead vocalist, is the man keeping this band together. The changes in the band since the 70’s are evident when you look at the bio page on their website. Vollmer has kept it going. He published an autobiography “Gimme an R” in 2005 which tells what he’s been through to keep the band alive over 30 years.

HELIX is back to the members we remember, Brian Vollmer, Fritz Hinz, Daryl Gray and Brent Doerner, with new member Kaleb Duck on guitar. The only one missing is guitarist Paul Hackman, who performed with the band from ’76 until his tragic death in a road accident in ’92. The band dedicated the hit “Deep cuts the knife” to Hackman Friday night. Hackman wrote that song in New York with Bob Halligan.

I was impressed with Vollmer’s singing. He has a strong voice and kept it up throughout the 2 hour set (set list below). He’s got a lot of energy. Apparently he gives vocal lessons in London. I would take vocal lessons from that guy.

He posted on Facebook that he’s going to be the “Parade Marshall” for the Listowel fair, Thursday, July 19th. He’ll be singing Oh Canada, riding in the parade, and doing a couple of songs acoustically with Daryl Gray to kick off the festivities. Listowel (about 2.5 hrs north west of Toronto) is where Vollmer went to high school.

There are 14 HELIX albums available for download on their website. HELIX has spent a lifetime building a legend, and the legend continues.

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Set List:
Hammer Falls
Vagabond Bones
Kids are all Shakin’
Monday Morning Meltdown
Go Hard or Go Home
Heavy Metal Love
The Calm
Danger Zone
Running Wild in the 21st Century
Make Me Do
Make ‘Em Dance
Gimme Gimme Good Lovin’
Skin in the Game
Champagne Communist
Kaleb’s Amazing Guitar Solo
Wild in the Streets
Good to the Last Drop
Deep Cuts the Knife
Billy Oxygen
Shot Full of Love
William Tell Overture
Dream On
Heavy Metal Cowboys

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