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LYRIC DUBEE: Opening for LEE AARON Friday August 16

On Friday, I’m heading out once again to see one of my favourite Toronto indieLyric-Alive-Wallpaper-800x600 musicians, Lyric Dubee. The last time I saw Lyric was at his CD release party at Cava Lounge in Barrie. It was a great turn out at the new fancy Barrie bar and restaurant. Lyric’s good friend Virgil Scott was the MC. Jacqueline Lovely also sang with Lyric.

Later I heard that Lyric had joined a band called Revelation 17 with Jacqueline Lovely and they were booked to open for Lee Aaron at the Rockpile (Aug 16). Later I heard that they would also open for Holly Woods & Toronto (Aug 10).

So let me tell you what’s most interesting about this story. Lyric is 15.

Virgil Scott is a Toronto musician and producer who’s been on the Toronto music and theatre scene since 1968. He’s very well known in the city. Virgil met Lyric through Ohjusteatit.ca in 2011 when he saw a video I posted showing Lyric performing on a Roger’s cable program. He invited Lyric out to perform at his annual “Happy New Year to Musicians Party” and said, in my interview with him that night, Lyric was his new best friend. He wasn’t joking. Virgil has been having dinners with Lyric’s family ever since. Lyric and Virgil love to make popcorn together and then head over to Lyric’s home studio and jam for the evening. Virgil is very impressed with Lyric’s talent and personality.

Lyric has kept so busy with gigs that he’s met many talented musicians along the way and quickly impresses them. At 15 he is not having any trouble getting older established musicians to agree to have him open for them and he’s even getting musicians now who want to work directly with him. Jacqueline Lovely has been on the Toronto scene for 25 years and she’s formed a new band with Lyric on guitar.

Lyric is an exceptionally talented musician. He’s got the chops. He plays guitar and keyboard. He sings. He writes his own songs. He’s recorded 2 CD’s. He’s filling up Youtube with videos. Lyric gets up early in the morning and goes to guitar lessons. He’s in school all day then gets his homework done right away and keeps his marks up because he’s motivated to get back to playing music. He still manages to fit in bicycling (which apparently he loves) and other things like martial arts. He has lots of friends and acts like any other 15 year old kid, but he’s driven to create music. He’s not happy unless he has time every day to play. He’s told me sometimes he’s sitting in the classroom wishing he could get out of school and get back to his guitar.

When I first met Lyric and his parents and heard how busy Lyric kept with his music, lessons and gigging, my assumption was that his parents were pushing him. It didn’t take long, though, to realize it’s the other way around. Lyric has changed his parents lives. He pushes them to get him opportunities to perform in front of an audience. He wants to improve his musical skill and works hard at it. He has something inside him that he’s driven to share and his parents have built him a website, made up excellent looking home-made merchandise for him, booked him in venues and events and helped him build up his fan base. Some people become hockey parents. These folks are on another path. They are a great trio, very loving and supportive of each other.

Besides Lyric’s talent and hard work, he’s impressive because he’s a nice person and a professional. When the mic goes off during the show, Lyric will keep singing. I’ve seen men twice his age throw a hissy fit over the mic going off. Lyric just keeps performing until the tech can fix the problem. No one gets stressed out. Lyric listens to people and treats people with respect. When he talks, he’s just like any other 15 year old, excited and happy to tell you all about himself. It’s been such a privilege to get to know this young man.

You really need to come out to one of Lyric’s shows and watch him play guitar. It’s impressive! I’m going on Friday to watch him open for Lee Aaron at the Rockpile. I’m really looking forward to it.

Gosh, Lee Aaron. That’s going to be a blast from the past for sure! Can’t wait to hear her rock falsetto again. \m/

Here is Lyric’s latest video.

Website: http://lyricdubee.com/

Facebook event: https://apps.facebook.com/concertsbybit/facebook/events/6708393/rsvp?artist=Lyric+Dubee+-+Musician+%2F+Songwriter&came_from=77


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