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This is a calendar of local events I hope to check out. Included in the list is the Sunday Church for Bad Guys jam .

Sunday Church for Bad Guys (SCFBG) is a long running jam session that invites all musicians, dancers and music lovers to enjoy the blues, rock, soul and funk every Sunday from 3 p.m. to 8 p.m. in the great music city of Winnipeg, Manitoba.

SCFBG is hosted by a different band weekly. There is no one host managing the event, but rather a community of musicians and audience who all pitch in to make the jam happen. People come together to support one another. The event is booked through Terry; Howard creates the posters and marketing material; anyone can post on the group Facebook site and share photos and videos of the event; Picture Perfect Photography comes weekly to take professional photos of the musicians on the stage; and finally, OhJustEatIt.ca is media sponsor and regularly covers bands who host the event.

The jam is packed with regulars, tourists, musicians and locals all clapping, tapping their feet, and dancing. Over the years, a community of music lovers has been created that welcomes all new-comers musicians and audience alike.

Lately SCFBG has been hosted at either The Pyramid or XCues. Check here regularly to see who’s hosting next.

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