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Opinion: About Opinions

By Angela R. Campbell

The thing I like about blogging about music, is the exploration I get to experience. I explore the music. I explore the musicians. I explore venues. I explore the scene. I get to explore my own writing skill and my own opinions on things. I get to explore my feelings.

Recently, I had criticised an artist’s songwriting and music in a review. I write about my own experiences, and I frankly only like a little of what I discovered about this particular artist. I was concerned I had been too harsh. I asked a friend if he thought my latest article was negative. He said I shouldn’t use the word negative; I should use the word discerning. Hmmm, good point.

I asked another friend how she reacts against critics. She said she takes it in stride. She respects everyone’s opinion, takes it into consideration, and, at the end of the day, she will be true to herself and her art.

Recently, the man I’m dating used some critical descriptors about me. I took them as put-downs. Then he said that I was stubborn. Actually, I view myself as stubborn, so although I was a little taken aback, I decided I wasn’t insulted by that. Yep, I am stubborn. The “put downs” were adjectives that I didn’t believe about myself. I am only insulted when I think you don’t view me the way I view myself. I’m hurt when I think you want me to change. I feel defensive when I feel like I have to explain myself and help you understand me. If I don’t agree with your assessment, then I’m insulted. Stubborn, however, yep, I am stubborn.

I used to call a man in my past a lying, cheating, asshole. He would wait for my anger to subside, then act like nothing had happened. Why? Because he knew it was the truth, so my words didn’t hurt him. They also didn’t change anything. Only he would decide if he wanted to change, not me. My criticism of him was only criticism if he decided it was.

“It’s only critical if you don’t see yourself that way.”

Angela R. Campbell

So with all this “criticism” going on lately, I’ve had to reflect about what it all really means. I’ve decided that it’s only critical if you don’t believe it. It’s only critical if you don’t see yourself that way.

So I will go on saying what I believe to be true and I will let the receiver of my words decide if I am being critical. I also don’t really expect that my review on any artist will sway anyone else’s opinion about their music. I make the music links available on my blog. They are there so you can judge for yourself. I’d love to hear your opinion.


Angela R. Campbell has been a music blogger and music scene online cheerleader since 2011.

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