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Review: Gwendolyn Smith, FULL CIRCLE

FULL CIRCLE Photo Credit: Picture Perfect Photography

FULL CIRCLE is the band fronted by vocalist Gwendolyn Smith. When I heard Smith sing, I thought she had been a professional musician all her life. What I found out was, she has been singing karaoke all her adult life, but FULL CIRCLE is her first band. She’s only been with them for 1 year.

GWENDOLYN SMITH Photo Credit: Picture Perfect Photography

Smith is amazing at singing blues, R&B and classic rock. She has a clear raspy voice and knows how to project it. It’s big. She has vocal range and stage presence that really impressed me. She joined the Women In Blues show this month and became a major figure on the stage, performing her own covers and singing backup for the other women.

The band FULL CIRCLE started out as a band called BACK FROM THE DEAD, a project by Ben Chudy and Shaun Booth. Once the band formed with Gwendolyn Smith on vocals, Scott Augusta on Bass and John Legatt on Drums, FULL CIRCLE was born.

Chudy says there is a story to the band’s name. Chudy’s BACK FROM THE DEAD performed at a private birthday party that Smith held. Smith liked the band and eventually became their lead singer. The name FULL CIRCLE seemed to tell that story.

Chudy says the band is a diverse group who have different influences and preference for different genres. The band generally plays blues and rock, but influences range from classic rock, Ella Fitzgerald, The Clash, The Smiths and Tchaikovsky.

SCOTT AUGUSTA Photo Credit: Picture Perfect Photography

The band has cut it’s teeth with 11 gigs in 2018 with Smith learning some of the original music already created. They are currently doing some writing and at-home recording with plans to write more music and get into studio to record their first LP. What studio they go to is undecided. “It’s a democratic band” says Chudy.

BEN CHUDY Photo Credit: Picture Perfect Photography

The band is busy working on scheduling gigs for 2019 and have already booked February 23rd at Club St. B and March 9th at Sonix Bar and Grill. Chudy says “I hope some will come out and dig it.”

You can find FULL CIRCLE on their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/fullcirclewpg/

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