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Review: HIGH ROAD feat. Leane Koss

This video was captured by me of Leane Koss and her life and musical partner Keith Dyck performing HIGH ROAD’s “Home With You” at a local jam. HIGH ROAD is working on their 1st album. Their genre is roots and reggae rock.

HIGH ROAD Live Off The Floor@ Sunday Church for Bad Guys

HIGH ROAD feat. Leane Koss and Keith Dyck Live Off The Floor @ Sunday Church for Bad Guys

Posted by OhJustEatIt.ca on Tuesday, December 4, 2018
HIGH ROAD live off the floor with their song “Home With You”

Koss played with Dyck before as a duo, and also in the KEITH DYCK BAND as well as in KD AND THE STRATAHONKEYS. She was also in a rock and blues band called the WOLFBIRDS. She and Dyck both played with BETH MARTENS AND THE KIRTAN CALLING BAND as well as her own Kirtan band, MYSTIC BLISS.

HIGH ROAD are currently recording their first album in their home studio. They hope to have it finished by early summer, but don’t have a definitive date yet. Marten Valach is on drums and Brian Ring on bass.

Koss is relaxing to listen to. She has a few videos on Facebook and YouTube. The reggae tunes are fun. She’s smart enough to choose songs that suit her lower range voice. I think once their album is ready and they perform the songs over and over, Koss will be a woman on the scene to watch.

Dyck is an experienced guitar player. He accompanies Koss with respect. His white hair and beard and hippy costume is a perfect compliment to Koss’s beauty and figure on stage. They are memorable.

You can hear the original tunes HIGH ROAD have been working on when they perform live at Bella Vista Restaurant & Pizzeria, Winnipeg, on March 29th and 30th, 2019.

Photographer: Niki Trosky

You can connect with HIGH ROAD on their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/leanekossandhighroad

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