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Review: The Fluidity of LOAD

I met and listened to the performance of vocalist Luce, the lead singer of the award winning ambient pop/alternative Canadian band LOAD, at a musician’s jam. I thought she was impressive, but knew nothing about her or the band. After hearing about LOAD from other musicians, I realized I needed to find out more about them.

I was told by other musicians that LOAD could have been a hit back in the 90’s. That they were starting to be, but then something happened. Hmmm… how mysterious. So I investigated.

What I found is that the lead singer, Carrie Luce Forcythe, “Luce”, has had a long, romantic, relationship with her band LOAD. Contributors have come and gone and LOAD has gone from one version of itself to another, and yet stayed the same. Today, so many songs are published by one artist featuring another artist. for example, we have Slash featuring Myles Kennedy, or Steven Tyler, or Andrew Stockdale. Songs featuring another artist is something that happens on a regular basis. That fluidity has been the whole identity of LOAD. However, despite all of the contributors, LOAD has remained “a sound”. It’s a sound that people recognize. They have their own voice and it’s ambient, mystical, and atmospheric. That’s something that never goes away no matter who contributes.

The band has recorded three albums and are in studio working on the fourth. “Delicates” was released in 1996 with Luce (N.B.F.C.) and Yvhan Kindrachuk on guitar (Fudge Tongue), Jason Tait on drums (Red Fisher), and Stephan Gislason on bass (Ragamaroons, Sara Somer Chai Ensemble). The next album, “Encoded and Dirty”, came out in 1998 and became a hit with fans. Load was invited to SXSW festival in Austin, Texas and both the Canadian Music Fest in Toronto and CMJ in New York in 2013.

After “Encoded and Dirty”, LOAD was quiet. Luce was busy having children and being a mother and business woman in both Canada and Mexico. LOAD fans however, never stopped listening, Luce never stopped writing and LOAD never stopped performing.

In 2014, LOAD released “It’s True”. That album lead to LOAD performing for the private inauguration party for Randy Bachman into the Canadian Music Hall Of Fame after the Junos in January, 2014 . Then in 2017, they were invited back to Austin to perform at SXSW with the line up Luce, Hauser, Creasey, McCrea, and Gardner.

Contributors to LOAD have included Avi G (big bass/vocals), Yvhan Kindrachuk (guitar/vocals), Keith Dyck (guitar/vocals), Tim Butler (drums/guitar), Dave McCrea (electric bass), Greg Gardner (drums).

LOAD is in studio working on their fourth album, “Luce Over Load”. This time the band includes Luce (vocals/percussion), Kyle Hauser (guitar/bass/vocals), Jimmy Creasey (guitar/engineering), Alan Friedman (bass/piano/vocals), but will also have other contributing artists as they always do. I asked Luce who it will be, and she said “It’s a surprise”. Luce says Kyle Hauser is the “glue” of the band. Luce is also gluey. She’s been there from the beginning and her voice is what gives the band the atmospheric, melodic vibe it has. Luce is LOAD.

LOAD jamming at The Pyramid Cabaret, Winnipeg, MB

LOAD is currently performing live in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada and Mexico. You can find more information and links to their music at luceoverload.com or on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/LOAD.CANADA

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