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Today Facebook and Twitter are all a-buzz regarding the passing of the beloved drummer of Sudbury band Sanctuaries‘ Cole Howard. Howard was the passenger of a car that crashed on a Northern Ontario highway January 3rd. So sad for someone so young to lose his life. OhJustEatIt.ca would like to join in sending condolences to the Sanctuaries band members Austin Buott, Bombs, Tylor Yorke and the Howard family.

Kai Kinos of Electric Feel is a freelance graphic designer in Ottawa. He posted on Facebook that he’s creating a 12″ design with all of the songs Cole’s band Sanctuaries has recorded so far. All money raised will go towards the Howard family. Electric Feel will be taking pre-orders so they can raise enough money to have them printed. We’ll let you know when we hear of the availability on this project.

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