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2017/10/Club St. B. + Six Outta Ten = Punk Rock Gold

By Angela R. Campbell

Winnipeg’s Golden Boys of Canadian punk rock, SIX OUTTA TEN , are set to have a new music video produced before the snow flies this fall. They’ve gone from winning the “My Band Rocks” band battle this summer, to booking the new Manitoba punk rock scene’s Club St. B, to working on their latest music video with Canadian film maker Aaron Peters (FansMagnetic.TV).

On June 29th in Winnipeg’s Sonix Bar and Grill, SIX OUTTA TEN waited their turn during the “My Band Rocks” band battle. They were the last on the roster. I was there to judge, and thought I had already found the one band who would win the professional music video produced by FansMagnetic.TV’s, Aaron Peters. In their 30 minute sets, some of the bands had a few winning elements. Some had talent in their lyric writing, good stage presence and were entertaining to watch. One band I thought would be the winner had made me dance in my chair and smile. Then, SIX OUTTA TEN got on stage and played their original set. As they played, I suddenly felt bad for the band I had previously chosen as I marked my score sheet with top marks for SIX OUTTA TEN. Their songs were really great sounding originals. They had stage presence, and I found myself checking out the band members’ faces and watching them individually as they played. They looked like they were relaxed and having a good time, playing hard while making it look easy. The thing that knocked the other bands out of the running, was that SIX OUTTA TEN had impeccable timing. They had a smoothness that outshone their peers, and represented hours and hours of rehearsal time and band chemistry. I stole a look at the other judges faces and they were giving away that they were also finding them irresistible.

SIX OUTTA TEN is a Canadian punk rock band based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Band members Dan Heichert (Lead Vox), Wade Schollenberg (Guitar & Vox), Thomas Stevenson (Bass & Vox), and Jarrod Doern (Drums) have been working on their set list for a while now and are hitting the punk scene in Winnipeg as first choice by bar owners and private parties. On October 20th, they will perform at Club St. B., a Winnipeg institution that has become a go-to venue for punk fans.

Check out Club St. B on October 20th and see for yourself the raw talent and energy that made SIX OUTTA TEN the obvious choice to take the win at the “My Band Rocks” band battle.

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