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SKROU doesn’t skrew around when it comes to their music.

skrouSam Kirou has been contacting me for the past 2 years trying to get me to cover his band SKROU. Other than the cute band name, a play on Sam’s own name, the band didn’t seem very remarkable and I thought they’d last 5 minutes and be gone.

So when Sam contacted me again recently, I finally relented. “Okay Sam, tell me what’s so great about SKROU.”

Sam is the kind of musician I like. I love Sam’s tenacity and persistence. In fact, I believe those two words define him, tenacious and persistent. Sam is not ever going to give up. He wants to be a rock star. He wants his band to be a success. His attitude is what it takes.

The band SKROU is his. He is the lead singer and songwriter and the band is built around him. The members can change, but SKROU is Sam. They are a hard rock foursome currently made up of Sam Kirou, guitarist John DeFino (Tic Toc and Flyte), bassist Paul Bradstreet (aka Bobby Love), and a pretty interesting drummer, Owen Tennyson (Blue Peter and Charge Of The Light Brigade).

I’ve never gone out to see SKROU perform live. I’ve had a chance to listen to an advance copy of the debut CD. They have a CD party planned at Legends on the Queensway (formerly formerly – that bar is starting to remind me of Prince) for April 11, 2014.

Sam is the band Manager. He says he spends 6 hours a day working on his SKROU. They are playing in bars now, but he wants the band to tour. He’s talking to booking agents now about touring with other bands. Skrou wants to play to large crowds. They want to introduce themselves to more people and get their music out there. Having the new CD will help with that. Having CDs to sell and a merch table will help toward the cost of the impending tour across Canada. Sam’s determined. Skrou will tour not just in Canada, but US, Europe, Japan and Australia. Sam will make it happen.

When he finally gets you to pay attention and take their music in, that SKROU will put a smile on your face.

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