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Live Gig Review: Stacey Y

staceyy stats smOn Saturday January 26, I was witness to an acoustic set by Stacey Y and her cohorts. It was an impressive set consisting of new music from her upcoming CD as well as gems from her debut EP. “Hey Sir” sounded refreshing in a live acoustic setting.staceyY1-final-web The track is available for streaming on her website Staceyy.com. Having done some research on Stacey Y, I heard the track numerous times and I was not really that excited about it when I first heard it. But after seeing her perform it live I have since realized the error of my ways. The song has legs. Stacey Y sat behind her keyboard and was the perfect hostess, her between song banter was relaxed and it felt like a kitchen party as she introduced each song. She was backed up by a bass player, guitar player and some young guy who was truly a maestro of the egg shaker during certain songs. It was a fun time and I have to tell you, she had us all singing along to her song “Music”. Singing and clapping our hands. Further inspection of her website informs us that she has many projects on the go. She teaches piano, she sings in a corporate cover band called StereoFlavour. But the biggest surprise is her other band, DoVira. They perform jazz infused renditions of traditional Ukrainian folk songs. Judging by the view counts on Youtube, it’s this group of songs that is getting the most attention. When I asked her where her heart belongs given these statistics (the Ukrainian songs have twice as many views as her originals and StereoFlavour put together) she told me that her heart is with her own songs, her originals. You know what? I can see that when she performs. She comes alive. She is alive when she performs them. They are her heart and soul. It’s been a few days now and i still sing her song “Music” in my head, and when I’m alone…I clap along to it in my head also.

Stacey Y, check her out.. you’ll thank me later.

Stacey’s next gig: Feb 24th at C’est What

Also, check out DoVira

and Stacey’s cover band Stereoflavour

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