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Music This Week In Toronto – CMW

This morning, the band DREAMERS posted on my Facebook asking if i’m going to their CMW show at the Velvet Underground tomorrow. After Steve Sugrim made the post, the rest of the band “liked” it. I guess they want to make sure i go! Haha…those guys are fun. Hells yeah, of course i’m going to see those guys! I have a list of other suggestions too. I’m REALLY interested in checking out MIC LORDZ & SAUCE FUNKY at the Ballroom tomorrow night too. MONSTER TRUCK is the attraction for me Thursday, but i’ve listed a few other favs. STEP ECHO Friday for sure, but BIBLICAL is also a great band and there’s enough time to get from The Bovine to The Hard Rock. Finally, MATT GROOPIE is a hard working dude i’ve recently learned about. I wouldn’t mind checking him out on Saturday. Finally on Sunday, our boys THE BLOODY FIVE are at the Hideout. I’ll finally get some pictures of them performing for my collection.

All the bands listed here are worth checking out. Enjoy Canadian Music Week! I love Toronto!

Wednesday 3/21
7PM MIC LORDZ & SAUCE FUNKY @ The Ballroom (rock/hip hop)
9PM CAREERS IN SCIENCE @ the Bovine Sex Club (punk/hardcore)
10PM MARY ROSE OBSESSION @ The Hideout (rock)
11PM LYNZIE KENT @ C’est What (folk/pop/rock)
12AM DREAMERS @ Velvet Underground (hardcore/metal/punk)

Thursday 3/22
10PM PARTYCAT @ The Bovine Sex Club (hardcore/rock)
10PM BROKEN BRICKS @ Hard Luck Bar (americana/pop/rock)
10:30PM ARMY GIRLS @ Parts and Labour (grunge/indie/pop)
12:50AM MONSTER TRUCK @ The Horseshoe (rock)
1AM FINAL THOUGHT @ The Painted Lady (pop/punk/rock)
1AM LACERDA @ The Bovine Sex Club (alt/indie/rock)

Friday 3/23
11AM BIBLICAL @ The Bovine Sex Club (metal/psychedelic/rock)
12:20AM STEP ECHO @Hard Rock Cafe (rock)

Saturday 3/24
9PM MATT GROOPIE @ The Underground Garage (blues/classic rock/psychedelic)

Sunday 3/25
9PM THE BLOODY FIVE @ The Hideout (alt/grunge/progressive/rock)
7:30PM ECHOWIDE @ Hard Rock Cafe (alt/rock)


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