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Who’s from Toronto at the Toronto Jazz Fest 2012?

I made this video with ERIC ST. LAURENT last year. I found him listed as a performer at the Toronto Jazz Festival. I scrolled through the list trying to find more names i recognized. Unfortunately, the Jazz Fest site doesn’t show where the performers are from, so i picked out a few that i recognize from Toronto, and here they are below. Support local music and go see them during the Jazz Fest. Many shows are free!

6/23 SEAN PINCHIN,1:00pm, Dominion On Queen
6/23 SHUGGA,10:00pm, Joe Mama’s
6/26 MARGOT ROI JAZZ BAND, 5:00pm, Gate 403
6/30 ERIC ST. LAURENT TRIO, 6:00pm, Distillery District – Pure Spirits Patio
7/1 RONNIE HAYWARD’s Birthday Jam, 1:00am, Dominion On Queen
7/1 LEMON BUCKET ORKESTRA, 3:00pm, Shops at Don Mills

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