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Kristen Anzelc at Youth Day Toronto 2013

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On Sunday, July 21 2013, I attended YOUTH DAY at Dundas Square.

History of Youth Day Toronto

2005 was coined “Summer of the Gun” when Toronto doubled it’s number of gun-related homicides over the previous year. A year of violence that shocked the residents of the largest city in Canada.

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YOUTH DAY was founded in 2005 by Tylaine Duggan to provide youth a free platform to showcase their talents and positive achievements; in turn engaging them to find their individual passion in art, music and dance so as to create a focus for a bright future. Every year at the Youth Day Toronto event, Tylaine calls for a moment of silence to remember those who have been killed during acts of violence on the streets of Toronto.

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Kristen Anzelc

Of the approximately 350 youth there on Sunday was 20 year old Kristen Anzelc, an indie musician who’s been gigging like crazy around Toronto. Kristen performed two of her original songs “Predictable” and “Live It, Breath It, Feel It”. This girl has been working hard at her craft since she was a little girl taking piano, vocal and guitar lessons.

“Youth Day is a great opportunity for young & upcoming artists to showcase their talents & get the experience needed to build dreams” Kristen Anzelc

Kristen performed on Sunday with a full band of seasoned Toronto Gregmusicians, Jack Tassé (guitar), Ben Payne (bass), Lindsay Clark (keyboard) and the drummer, her father and booking agent, Greg Anzelc. Greg’s been playing the Toronto scene for the past 30 years. He’s played with Steve Fox , Carlos Morgan, Morgan Davis, Chuck Jackson, Frank Cosentino, and bands No Surrender, The Rain, Nicholas and Ivory Neuman.

Kristen is working in the studio now on songs she’ll be releasing through iTunes in the Fall. I listened to one song off the record and I loved it! She’s a talented songwriter and has a beautiful soft pop/R&B style voice that can be compared to Mariah Carey. Definitely up and coming in the Toronto music scene.

Kristen has also started a cover band that can be booked for weddings and corporate events.

Booking: Greg Anzelc | 416 893 8412 | yougotgroove@gmail.com

Follow Kristen:

Twitter: @KristenAnzelc

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Kristen-Anzelc/16976918833

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/anzelc77?feature=watch

Website: http://kristenanzelc.com/ (in production – available in the fall for the CD release)

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