October 2019 

Band Members: Simon Girard – Vocals / Guitars Kevin Chartré (Brought by Pain, Ultyma, Unhuman, Hangar of Deth)- Guitars / Back Vocals Hugo Doyon-Karout (Brought by Pain, Equipoise) – Fretless Bass Philippe Boucher (Incandescence, Ex- First Fragment, Chthe’ilist, Décombres)
– Drums

BEYOND CREATION are a Progressive
Death Metal band from Montreal,
Quebec. The band toured North
America with Fallujah, Arkaik and
Equipoise this August and September.
When they passed through Winnipeg, I
checked them out and was impressed
with their engaging experimental sound.
There is obviously some jazz in uence
in their music, which in the technical
death metal genre creates a very cool
sound with a lot of dynamics.

The band has been around since 2005,
but their current lineup has been
together since 2010. This year they
were nominated for a Juno for Best
Metal Album for their 3rd album
‘Algorythm’ (released October 2018).
‘Algorythm’ was also recognized as the
Best Metal/Hardcore Album of the Year

at the 17th annual Independent Music
When I saw the band perform, they
performed the album in it’s entirety. One
song leads to the next telling a story
and taking you on a wild ride. Girard is a
big Pink Floyd fan and ‘Algorythm’ is
in uenced by that.

BEYOND CREATION has toured the
world – North America, Japan,
Australia, Europe, Mexico, Colombia,
Dubai, Latin America and, soon, New

I LOVED Algorythm, both live and
streamed. I purchased a toque at their
gig and wear it proudly, like a proud
Canadian death metal/Beyond Creation
fan should.

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