April, 2016 | Toronto has been taking on a bit of a theme lately. I’ve been looking at the rich history of this city. First, Toronto celebrated it’s 182nd birthday, then the historic Brunny closed it’s doors.

A special gem in this city is rock princess JACQUELINE LOVELY PERRAS. Jacqueline has been a rich part of Toronto’s music scene since the 80’s. Today is her birthday.

Jacqueline recently shared some tracks from her new album that she’s working on in studio now. She is self-producing the album and plans to release the 14 tracks “just before the fall equinox”. I listened to “You Will Remember Me”, “Unchained”, and then two tracks written by Karm Kleaver (of Toronto metal band Kraken) “Harlot of Babylon” and “Powerhouse”.

Jacqueline is well known for her rough rock-chick voice that works perfectly on Janis Joplin or AC/DC covers. In this album, Jacqueline shows the strength of her range and a softer side of herself.

“This is an introduction to me as a singer and a person. I’m self- producing now so whatever this is….rest assured it’s how I see myself…but I really want people to hear and feel what I feel.”

Jacqueline Lovely Perras

When Jacqueline is on stage, she often will talk between songs about her life and lessons learned. She’s very open about herself and feels she needs to share her stories. According to her, that’s what this new album is. Her story.

Today, her birthday, is all about her story. Happy birthday, Jacqueline. Rock on!

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