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  • Who Won The 2021 Prism Prize?
    Haviah Mighty Thirteen wins the 2021 Prism Prize for best Canadian music video.
  • Fall Osheaga to Feature All-Canadian Headliners
    With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Osheaga is returning this fall for a smaller event.
    April, 2016 | Toronto has been taking on a bit of a theme lately. I’ve been looking at the rich history of this city. First, Toronto celebrated it’s 182nd birthday, then the historic Brunny closed it’s doors. A special gem in this city is rock princess JACQUELINE LOVELY PERRAS. Jacqueline has been a rich part of Toronto’s music scene since the 80’s. Today is her birthday. Jacqueline recently shared some tracks from her
  • ALBUM REVIEW: Canadian Power Metallers STRIKER
    THEY HAVE A NEW ALBUM PLAY TO WIN 2018 – REVIEW THAT CURRENT MEMBERS: Chris Segger; Dan Cleary; Adam Brown; Tim Brown; Pete Klassen Canadian (Edmonton) power metallers STRIKER, will be kicking off their Canadian tour in Toronto on June 9 at The Garrison. I took a quick look at their online presence and was impressed by how busy they’ve been. STRIKER has also been nominated for a Western Canadian Music Award for ‘Metal/Hard
    October 2019  Band Members: Simon Girard – Vocals / Guitars Kevin Chartré (Brought by Pain, Ultyma, Unhuman, Hangar of Deth)- Guitars / Back Vocals Hugo Doyon-Karout (Brought by Pain, Equipoise) – Fretless Bass Philippe Boucher (Incandescence, Ex- First Fragment, Chthe’ilist, Décombres) – Drums BEYOND CREATION are a Progressive Death Metal band from Montreal, Quebec. The band toured North America with Fallujah, Arkaik and Equipoise this August and September. When they passed through Winnipeg, I checked
    Dylan Buchkowski: Guitars, Backgrounds Vocals Steve Sarens: Saxophones, Background Vocals Jack Sherrard: Bass, Vocals Jim “Hawk” Hawkins: Drums Dusty From: Vocals Mandy & Taryn Greenberg: Background Vocals I met Dylan Buchkowski (D.B.) back in 2016 and interviewed him. I was very impressed with his knowledge of blues history and you can see him relax on camera the more he talked about his favourite topic. His band, D.B. & The Deadbeats, is blues rock. They
  • The Blog
    August 2019 WINNIE BRAVE describe themselves as a foot stompin’ Americana/Roots duo comprised of Amy McIsaac (vocals/guitar) and “one-man-band” Brad McIsaac (bass/foot drums/keys). Established in 2012, this husband-and-wife team hail from Holden, Alberta. In 2016 they travelled over 20,000 road miles for 9-months in their 1976 Winnebago touring their self-title debut album throughout Canada and the USA. They’re on the road again with their 2017 album Cheap Gin. Amy McIsaac is my auntie’s best
  • Destruction in Montania
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  • Women’s Relay Competition
    The young team of Franziska Hildebrand, Franziska Preuss, Vanessa Hinz and Dahlmeier clocked 1 hour, 11 minutes, 54.6 seconds to beat France by just over 1 minute. Italy took bronze, 1:06.1 behind. Germany missed six targets overall, avoiding any laps around the penalty loop. Maria Dorin Habert of France, who has two individual gold medals at these worlds, passed Russia and France on the last leg and to take her team from fourth to
  • Get more nutrition in every bite
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